About Florabella Flowers - Your Premier Floral Expert

Florabella Flowers, led by the passionate and creative Zaina Yousef, stands as a beacon of floral artistry in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Our journey in the floral industry is marked by a deep-rooted love for nature's splendor and a commitment to bringing beauty into every space and occasion.

Diverse Floral Services: We specialize in creating breathtaking floral installations for a variety of settings, including corporate spaces, schools, cafes, restaurants, and offices. Our expertise extends to crafting unforgettable experiences for weddings, special occasions, graduations, and more. Each event is a canvas, and we paint it with the most exquisite floral designs.

Weddings and Special Occasions: Our vast portfolio showcases a range of themes and styles, tailored to each unique celebration. From intimate gatherings to grand weddings, our floral arrangements add a touch of elegance and charm.

Weekly Flower Subscriptions: For those who wish to infuse their spaces with freshness and beauty regularly, we offer weekly flower subscriptions. This service ensures that your home or office is always adorned with the freshest blooms, handpicked to suit your preferences.

Corporate and School Installations: We believe in the power of flowers to transform spaces. Our team expertly designs floral installations for corporate environments, educational institutions, and hospitality venues, enhancing their ambiance and aesthetic appeal.

Cafes and Restaurant Decor: Florabella Flowers also specializes in creating inviting and warm atmospheres in cafes and restaurants through our bespoke floral services. Our designs are tailored to complement each venue's unique character.

Florabella Flowers has grown throughout the UAE into a name synonymous with quality, creativity, and elegance. Our mission is to not just deliver flowers but to deliver emotions, encapsulated in every petal and leaf.

Join us in our journey of floral enchantment. Let's create beautiful memories together.